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How to Care For Your Plants

Most Gardeners are introduced to double and triple gerberas when they purchase a few at a gerbera show or at a function like garden week.
They take them home and because they do not know how to care for them the plants often die.
Gerberas are hardy plants, but do require some special care. Once you have mastered a few basic points, your plants will thrive and quickly multiply.

Soil or Potting Mix pH

It is important to have the pH within the required limits if optimum growth is to be obtained. Unless the pH is between 6 and 7 it is unlikely that the plant will be able to absorb the nutriments it needs even if there are ample fertilisers in the soil.
Should the pH be below 6 it can be adjusted by adding dolomite or garden lime gradually. Use a handful per square metre for the garden bed or two teaspoons full per 150mm pot. Repeat this every two weeks until the pH to above 6. If the pH is above 7 add a teaspoon of powdered sulphur to each plant every 2 weeks until it is back to a neutral 7.

Gerberas do not require a richly fertilised soil. Too much nutrient matter often leads to excessive leaf growth and less flowers. If plants have too many leaves for the size of the crowns (say 30 for a mature 6 month plant) all lower and any cross growing leaves should be removed. Do this by sliding a finger down to the base of the leaf, bend back and twist. If the leaf does not come away with minimal effort then cut it off as close to the crown as possible It is recommended that no stems stub should remain. Removal of old discoloured or damaged leaves should be by the same method.

More information on pH from Department of Agriculture and food

Soil pH and plant health in the home garden

Where to Position Your Plant

Gerberas love full sun except at the height of summer. During WAs 40 degree heat, plants can benefit from some filters shade, but if this cannot be provided it does help to give the gerberas a fine spray of water twice a day during the hottest part of the day.

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