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Bees can take pollen between single gerberas. If a single is left unpicked in the garden seed may be produced.

To assist nature and to breed selectively, pollen can be transferred from the single by touching you finger into the ripe pollen and then gently touching the stigmas of the double gerbera.

Hybyid The double gerbera’s stigmas are located by bending back the outer petals. At the base of the petals are the short yellowish stigmas on which the pollen is to be deposited. Work your way around the flower towards the centre with your pollen covered finger. Repeat this process for several days so as to add to the chances of successful fertilisation. Cover the flower head with a cover to prevent moisture getting in the flower. An upturned icecream container on a stick is usually quite suitable.

To create a successful new variety it is important that the parent varieties possess all the good features that they desire.

Gerbera Seed

If the cross pollination has been successful the double flower will form seeds. Pick the flower as it nears the end of its life.
Take it inside and leave it to dry out for several days. When the head dries it will be easy to select the fertile seeds as they will be quite plump.
The fine thin material is not viable and should be discarded on the compost heap.

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