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Latest Topic - February Meeting

As Autumn moves in, reducing the number of leaves assists with the control of moulds and powdery mildew.

Fungal spores are spread by wind and plant debris. Unlike mildews that appear in bathrooms or basements, powdery mildew does not need direct contact with water in order to grow.

The warm days and cool nights of autumn create an ideal climate for spore growth and dispersal.

Plants affected look like the foliage has been dusted with talcum powder.

Powdery mildew can be treated with any fungicide e.g. Mancozeb or an eco-product e.g. Eco-fungicide which uses potassium bicarbonate as its main ingredient.

Milk, diluted 1:10 with water can also be used as a spray. You need to re-apply it constantly, especially after every shower of rain (if we ever get some).
The commercial products have a good success rate in controlling the spread of the mildew.

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