Welcome to Gerbera Research Group Inc. located in Perth, Western Australia.

Who we are: The Gerbera Research Group is a friendly informal forum of gerbera lovers. Some of us are specialists, others are learners, but you can be sure we have all the knowledge and expertise you need to cultivate and manage diseases affecting gerbera.


Our aim: Our aim is to promote this beautiful flower. We do this by our annual show, at shopping centres displays, and joining Orchid Shows. We assist those who are interested in the flower, or by answering general questions about the cultivation of this plant which flowers throughout the year.



Members are encouraged to come along to meetings which are held at 2pm on the third Sunday of each month, excluding December and January. They are held at the Yokine Community Centre, McDonald Street, Yokine.

A general meeting is held at this time which includes discussions on the growing of gerberas and their related maintenance. Everyone can ask questions. Twice a year (usually spring and autumn) we have demonstrations on dividing gerberas. We often have guest speakers on a variety of subjects that members are interested in.

  • Members have the opportunity to exhibit their flowers and/or floral art for judging.
  • A raffle of donated items is conducted at all meetings.
  • Also members can buy fertiliser and pots at a reduced price.

And after the meeting you can enjoy afternoon tea prepared free of charge from the various plates of eats donated by members. This is another opportunity to talk to other members about growing gerberas.

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General information about Gerbera plants.

The gerbera is a perennial plant that can be grown successfully in the ground or in containers. They will thrive in sunny positions sheltered from strong winds. They prefer composted, well-draining soils in the garden and the best of potting mixes in containers.

The W.A. locally grown gerbera is generally accepted as having originated in South Africa (Jamesonii) which has a climate similar to the southern area of Western Australia. This similarity means the plants are ideally suited to WA conditions, and together with their attractive features, this makes them an automatic choice for all gardeners who enjoy colourful flowers.

Go to our Gallery and view beautiful gerberas!

Singles, Multi Rayed, Triplex, New Vogue, arrangements and gerbera varieties.

Gerbera plant health

Why defoliate?

During cold weather it is a good practice to defoliate in May to help prevent mildew and increase air flow.


Gerbera Research Group Growth Stage 2

Before defoliating

Gerbera Research Group Growth Stage 1

After defoliating

Gerbera Research Group Growth Stage 4

Before defoliating

Gerbera Research Group Growth Stage 3

After defoliating

Whether you are new to gerbera growing or are an experienced grower we hope we will be of some assistance to you. Please come along to a meeting or contact us. We also have a book available: “Gerbera Growing in Western Australia” for $5 plus postage. This is available at meetings, public displays or we can post it.

Our video on dividing gerberas

Learn how to divide gerbera's successfully with this step by step guide.

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